Try Not To Laugh With Clowns Duo

Can you make audiences laugh out loud when they are told not to?
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45-60 mins
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Clowns are experts at provoking our emotions. When audiences are told not to laugh, it becomes even funnier. They want to laugh, let their insecurity or worries go away, and share a good moment with the other audiences. The host can create a rule for those who couldn't help but laugh; invite them to do the gesture you tell them to do, do some mini quiz, or anything to make the experience leap off the screen.

Experiential Components

Here are a couple experiential components you can package to create this online live project.

Live performance
Request base performance


Here is an example of how you can package this project into 45-60 mins experience.

10-15 mins


Opening note and introduction of your story to let audiences get to know you. Ask each audiences to make a short introduction and get to know each of them while waiting every guests to join.

Also, give a brief instruction of how to use Google Meet for audiences to participate the project (how to mute/unmute, pin the screen, open a chat screen, give an emoji, etc.)

3 mins

Set up a stage

Set a rule for the audiences before starting your piece.

10-15 mins

Make them laugh

Let your audiences immerse into your world and make them laugh, surprise or inspired.

10-15 mins

Punishment time!

Give some "punishment" for the audiences who laughed. What about make them dance, or sing, or put a makeup? Let them participate in your show.

5 mins

Your live performance (Surprise)

Now that the audiences loosen up a bit, it's a show time! Take it away.


Q&A / Wrap-up

Ask audiences to leave a review for the experience and invite their friends to support your project.

How to set-up

Things to prepare:

  • Built-in camera (your laptop) or good quality webcam/Stand alone camera in a stable/fix position where it can capture the whole kitchen that you cook and/or perform;
  • A screen where you can see and interact with audiences;
  • Space to perform

Master Google Meet

  • Take a first 5-10 mins to let Guests in by clicking “accept” while using this time to do an introduction and warm up your audiences. Make sure everyone enters before a show starts.
  • Ask audiences to pin your screen, mute when you are performing (vice versa), or turn on their camera during activities or Q&A. Use this excuse to interact with audiences.
  • You can use tiled layout to see and interact with all audiences. Open a chat room as well to see their comments and reactions.
  • Are you performing at your home or training center where there is background noise? Use to cut noise for better user experience.

Make an experience flow seamless and engaging. What matters is not how sophisticated the show is but how the audiences enjoy and value the experience.  Tailor each project with clear target audiences in mind so that you can meet and exceed the expectation. Technical shit happens, but be always calm and entertainers as you are on stage.

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