A Journey From The Olympics To The Circus

Workshop with athletes and kids whose dream is to become a circus artist.
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45-60 mins
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We love TED talk, don't we? This concept is not only to inspire audiences who specifically are interested in becoming a circus artist but also give practical insights on what it takes and how they can transform their career to a circus artist. This experience is only for those who have a dream of becoming a circus artist and who support the dreamer.

Package this program with a few experiential components that audiences can participate: a dance and acting workshop to loosen up the stiffness and transform an athlete to "artist", impromptu performance contest, or whatnots.

Key points:

  • Make sure you clearly describe your target audience in the project page (who you design this project for specifically)
  • Describe the take away that audiences can expect from this experience.

Experiential Components

Here are a couple experiential components you can package to create this online live project.

Request base performance
Playful workshop


Here is an example of how you can package this project into 60 mins experience.

10-15 mins


Opening note and introduction of your story to let audiences get to know you. Ask each audiences to make a short introduction and get to know each of them while waiting every guests to join.

Also, give a brief instruction of how to use Google Meet for audiences to participate the project (how to mute/unmute, pin the screen, open a chat screen, give an emoji, etc.)

10-15 mins

Storytelling & Performance

Take the stage and give your 10 mins presentation on how to become a circus artist from your experience. Using some slides with visual and video to visually tell your presentation is a plus. If you can perform a small piece to showcase your "circus art" it will intrigue the audiences even more.

10-15 mins


Let audiences ask you questions.

10-15 mins

Playful workshop

What kind of training you did to become a circus artist? Give the unique training or impromptu to challenge audiences on what it takes to become a circus artist.

5 mins

Live performance: This is what a circus artist can do

To conclude the experience, you can showcase your unique performance to inspire the audiences.

5-10 mins


Ask audiences to leave a review for the experience and invite their friends to support your project.  

How to set-up

Things to prepare:

  • Built-in camera (your laptop) or good quality webcam/Stand alone camera in a stable/fix position where it can capture the whole stage that you perform;
  • A screen where you can see and interact with audiences;
  • Space to perform

Master Google Meet

  • Take a first 5-10 mins to let Guests in by clicking “accept” while using this time to do an introduction and warm up your audiences. Make sure everyone enters before a show starts.
  • Ask audiences to pin your screen, mute when you are performing (vice versa), or turn on their camera during activities or Q&A. Use this excuse to interact with audiences.
  • You can use tiled layout to see and interact with all audiences. Open a chat room as well to see their comments and reactions.
  • Are you performing at your home or training center where there is background noise? Use https://krisp.ai/ to cut noise for better user experience.

Make an experience flow seamless and engaging. What matters is not how sophisticated the show is but how the audiences enjoy and value the experience.  Tailor each project with clear target audiences in mind so that you can meet and exceed the expectation. Technical shit happens, but be always calm and entertainers as you are on stage.

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