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The one-stop talent marketplace where you’ll find and connect with qualified candidates whose skills and imagination are extraordinary. 

Discover and connect with new talented circus artists

We are more than a database and a job posting site. Attractr is the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with talented circus artists around the globe. All circus artists on our database are qualified and already performing online live projects and attracting audiences around the world on Attractr. Rather than a static talent profile that doesn't help you much, clients can do virtual scouting with enhanced portfolios profile that showcases real audience's reviews and their extraordinary performance.

Virtual scouting

Searching talents by online live projects and reviewing their live performance and ratings, it will help you discover new talented circus artists with a full of character who can prosper your productions.

Confident with the details

Our enhanced profile gives all key information that make you confident about your casting decision. We vet and verify all artists to support their career. Review the profile and proceed with a casting call.

Direct casting offer

Click "Hire me" button to create a casting offer. Fill all sections in the form and post it to the artist. You will then have a private message thread with the artist to securely chat, set an interview date,  and share files to discuss further.

All in one place

Once the artist accepts your offer, you can proceed with the payment online without additional sign-up. If the artist declines it, Attractr will send you a shortlist of candidates that match to your casting call. Our team will support your casting process throughout.

Key features

Are you looking for talented circus artists for your next production? Getting started is easy. Just keep in mind a few things.

One time billing

Our current online payment only allows one time billing. Thus, you can only offer gig/short term project. Recurring online billing feature will be available for a long-term job offer. 

Editing your offer

You can edit the job offer form during your communication with artists. Make sure the proposed budget is correct since that will be billed once the artist accepts your offer. 

Uploading a file via Inbox

You don't need to leave Attractr to send a file like like contract and a project brief to the artist. Use our inbox to streamline all your casting. 

Getting a shortlist from Attractr

If your offer is declined, Attractr will send you a shortlist of candidates that match with your casting call. Click the profile and start posting a offer. 

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