What's the cancellation policy?

Standard cancellation policy

For a full refund, cancel within 24 hours of purchase. Audiences still can cancel the booking after 24 hours of purchase, however, a fee applied to the booking will be charged.


Currently, it is not available option to reschedule the date and time of your booking. There is two ways to reschedule:

  1. To cancel the booking within 24 hours and rebook with new date and time.
  2. To reschedule a new date directly requesting to an Artist. Once both agree the new date and time, artists will manually send a new Google Meet link of the show to your inbox. Please note that in this case, payment and payout will be processed in the original booking date.

How do I cancel my reservation?

To change or cancel a reservation, go to inbox > My requests.

Choose the booking record that you want to cancel. From there, you’ll see options to cancel.

Updated on
February 18, 2021