What is casting feature for artists?

Attractr is a new home for circus artists to grow their career. You perform live online, make money, and get seen and get hired. That's how it works on Attractr.

How it works

Our casting features are available for free to those artists who have at least one active online live projects. Attractr is like a virtual scouting platform: your online live projects are a window for businesses and clients to discover you. If they are interested in hiring you, they can by creating a job offer straight to you. All artists have an option to accept or decline the offer after discussing further the offer with the client in secure Attractr Messages, where you can review the offer, upload a file, and be paid online to your registered bank account (Payout details).

Key features

  • Enhanced profile
  • Hire me button on your enhanced profile
  • Verification badge and "Top rating" artist label
  • Inbox to manage all casting offers
  • Online payment

How to get started

  1. Sign-up or log-in on Attractr
  2. Submit an online live project and get approved
  3. Perform your online live project(s), earn money and reviews, and get seen.
  4. When you receive an offer, you will receive an email notification. Go to Inbox > Received and start discussing further with the client.
  5. When you decide, choose either "Accept" or "Decline" the offer
  6. After accepting the offer, the client will be proceeding with the online payment.
  7. Make sure you show up and do your best on the show day!

Type of casting opportunities

Currently, Attractr only allows one time billing to clients. Thus, all the offers are within the one time billing scope, meaning short-term contract (from one day to one month). We will be working on recurring billing payment to encourage  clients to offer you a mid-to-long term contract. When it's available, we will notify you.

Attractr casting fees

Attractr will take a 10% commission fee on all casting transaction for us to develop and optimize our platform, deliver services to support your casting process, and business and partnership development to increase visibility to business networks.

Updated on
February 18, 2021