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Do you have a project idea ready to list on Attractr?. Let's create your project page that attracts bookings.

The quality matters for you and our community

It is mandatory for all artists to write and submit the online live entertainment page (listing) before enabling bookings. Our team will then review your submission and get in touch with you within 48 hours. We then set up time to watch and review a rehearsal of your online live experience. Once it’s approved, you will set your bank information and your project will be listed on Attractr to earn bookings.

Before writing your project page
  • Test your project live online using Google meet. Book a test date with Attractr on either private Facebook group or Slack workspace (invite only) asking fellow artists to join it so that they can give you feedback to improve.
  • Take at least 5-6 good quality pictures of your project.
How to write a project page

It's pretty straightforward. Sign-up on Attractr, upload your profile picture. Once you verify your email address, click "Start a project" The project listing page leads you to describe your project. 

How to write an appealing project page‍

Imagine explaining your project idea to a friend. What would you say to win their attention? What might they ask you? Your online live entertainment page is your chance to tell audiences that story: who you are, what you are going to present, what audiences will do and how they participate before they decide to book and what sets your experience apart from others.

01. Create a compelling title of your project

The title is the first thing people will see when they search for available projects and is one of the first impressions you can make. Make your title descriptive, exciting, concise, precise, unique of what your experience is about that matches the expectation of audiences.

02. Choose more than 5 great project image

We're living in this time where attention spans are short, and imagery is a crucial factor in how we process information. Make it as visually engaging as possible. People don't want to spend endless time reading text. Bring people into your process in the most dynamic way possible. Also, the title and image must do match.

03. Describe your project itinerary to excite people

An accurate description helps people get as excited as you are. In this section, include an itinerary (show flow) to set expectations for the audience and describe what the experience entails. Spend a reasonable amount of time to articulate why you do what you do and tell a story, a reason, and a goal for this experience. Personalize your selling point from the get-go.

04. Tell your journey

A detailed bio can separate you from other hosts and inspire guests to book so they can meet you. Tell people how you started your career, how much you've accomplished so far, and the history and journey you've gone through to get where you are. People not only want to know who you are but also want to qualify your expertise to match their expectations before booking.

NOTE: If you deliver and perform an online live project with other artists, make sure you give an appropriate introduction and credit to them. 

05. Give a 1-2-3 instruction of what the audience will do

First, inform who is your target audience. Who can enjoy your experience the most? In that mind, describe what it takes to participate in your project thoroughly. If your project requires guests to set up a particular condition, environment, or bring items, list up in the section "What should they bring." 

We suggest you offer some alternatives that will allow guests to join and enjoy your experience. 

If your experience is designed for a specific audience, then be sure you highlight the requirements so the audience won't be misled to an unmet expectation.

Setting your offers: group size, price and schedule

Audiences evaluate whether what you offer is worth what it costs based on various factors. Put yourself into the audience's shoes. Would you like to pay for what you offer with the price you are asking for?

Usually, the purchase decision is coincided with price, group size and impression from your online live entertainment page, mainly title, pictures and experience itinerary. Here are a few take-ways:

  • If your show is tailored to a small group size or one-on-one, the price can be higher than one for large group size.
  • It takes time to sell out all the slots. Start with lower pricing and adjust it according to your booking growth.
  • The minimum price starts at $10. Attractr values your skill, passion and dedication to become who you are. Do not lower your value by selling cheap. Instead, think a way to be creative and unique.
  • Schedule ahead and add availabilities one-two months ahead. You can check how to manage your calendar here.

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