What is Attractr

Turn your passion and craft into a thriving business with Attractr.
What Attractr is looking for

Attractr is an online platform where circus artists (we call them "attracters") can offer a project that they design and perform live online, connect and inspire audiences around the globe, and make a living while thriving in their career.


  • an entertainer who attracts large audiences;
  • a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts.

Attracters can offer anything that they want to create, express, and interact with audiences. It could be an online class, makeup workshop, live performance, backstage-secret talk, live concert, or multidisciplinary art project for kids like puppet or fingers dance, pretty much anything they dream up can find a home on Attractr. With engaging experiences with performing skills and stories they've got, online live projects can create a unique bond between circus artists and audiences much more so than the archived live streaming content that is currently out there.

"Make it personal." We crave an experience of going backstage or seeing a live performance in a training room or on the street. This moment can vivify our day-to-day life. Every online live project on Attractr should have the followings:

  • Live and engaging projects that audiences can participate or interact with attracters;
  • A unique performance or storytelling that galvanizes and inspires audiences;
  • An authentic and extraordinary feeling that the stage show can't give.

We want attracters to stay relevant to who they are as an artist and perform what they've got, which can leap off the screen and create a unique bond with the audiences. 

How does Attractr work

What this platform does is very straightforward: you offer online live projects, and audiences will book it (choose a date and pay). You will build a sustainable revenue source while performing, and the spectators will support you by leaving a rating and review.

We do facilitate your projects, but you are the one who will create and perform online live projects like you always do offline. We encourage you to try one experience before getting started to get inspiration and validate your ideas. As long as your project meets our quality standard and what audiences can enjoy, you have total creative control.

Turn your passion into business

For the artists who list active online live projects, Attractr will offer a casting feature to let businesses discover talents and offer a new performing opportunity directly. The more you attract bookings to your online live entertainment, the better chances you will be found by opportunities.

Your online live projects can be "dynamic showcases" of your skills, characters, and creativities while entertaining audiences around the globe and making a living.

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Why Attractr

earn money icon

Earn money

when performing online at home or anywhere you can perform

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Get Hired

by being scouted for new performing opportunities locally & internationally

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Connect with audiences

the intimacy of live contact with artists will drive them to theaters POST-COVID