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Let's build a sustainable revenue source while igniting new casting opportunities.
Set your goal

Attractr lets you make booking sales straight from audiences. There is no event or booking agency in the middle. This way, you have control over your projects and the financial goal you want to achieve monthly.

A sample calculation of how much you can make:

if you do two slots a day, five days a week (that makes 40 slots a month), up to 10 audiences per booking, 80% sold (= 320 audiences), $25 per ticket, your sales are $8,000 per month.

You can create one signature project or multiple online live projects as long as you can manage your calendar.

Example of managing multiple online live projects

  • One-on-one advance class: every Wednesday
  • Beginners workshop: every Monday & Thursday
  • Night life driven live performance show: every Friday and Saturday evening (2 slots per day)
  • Kids playful workshop show: every Sunday morning

Before writing your project page:

  1. Set a financial goal and an artistic goal. Make sure to have those two goals co-exist and elevate the quality of your projects.
  2. Define your time and energy commitment.
  3. If you have a team, take consideration of your pricing and financial goal. Make sure to split the sales fairly among them.
  4. To support circus artists, optimize and grow the community and platform, do promote circus artists, and enrich our services to help and ignite opportunity for circus artists, Attractr takes a 5% from artists. So if you sell bookings of $8,000, we take $400. So you make $7,600. The payment will be directly done to your bank account upon the delivery of each booking.
  5. We also take a 10% commission fee from audiences which will be used to run our platform, business development, build community, and services to support artists. Please take the consideration to all audiences who support our mission and your performance.
Pricing your projects

What you write on your project page helps potential audiences understand their experience itinerary, but some very concrete considerations help them evaluate whether what you offer is worth what it costs. However, there are many factors other than cost that go into determining the overall value of your experience.

  • Start at a lower price, then when you get enough practice and 5-star reviews, you can begin to increase what you charge. Keep in mind that you'll be competing with the breadth of free online content already out there.
  • Become an alternative experience for audiences who can't go to theater, bar, or any recreational facility by suggesting the right price, duration, and activities that they can enjoy instead (even better than the actual show!)
  • The max capacity per booking will be 30 people first. Take the consideration when you are pricing your project.
  • Consider the supplies you're asking audiences to bring to the project. These come at an additional cost and are a significant factor in calculating how much people are willing to spend on your project.

Each of your projects can set a frequency (day and time) and duration. And if your project is a one-off event or two slots a month, that's possible, too. Make sure your calendar is always up to date and sync with your schedule.

  • You can, indeed, reach a global audience. To capture more audiences and even more bookings, try hosting with a more flexible schedule and increase the number of availabilities to your calendar.
  • Always add availabilities one-two months ahead and make sure you track all bookings by checking your Calendar
  • Connect with your google account (personal or G Suite) to view all availabilities to your calendar
  • Write a personal message to audiences before and after their booking
  • Do not cancel reserved slot unless there is an absolute emergency

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