How to host a live show on Google Meet

Master how to entertain and interact with audiences via Google Meet.
How to set up a Google Meet

Attractr uses Google Meet for all online live entertainment. Covid pandemic has forces us to be familiar with video call softwares to socialize and work. Whether you are new to Google Meet or already familiar with it, the basic is easy to use and set-up. Make sure you check your internet connection, camera and sound setting, and Google Meet before each show.

How to open a Google Meet

  1. Log in to Google with the same Google account you used when creating Availability on Attractr.
  2. Go to Calendar and click a show slot you are about to perform to find the Google Meet link.
  3. Open the Google Meet link and click "Join now". If you see "Ask to join" button instead of "Join now" button, that means your Google account that you use for the Google Meet link is not the same as the one you created the Availability on Attractr. Check the Google account on the right-top bar on Google Meet, and click "Switch account".

Keep in mind

  • Each show slot has a unique Google Meet link. Make sure to use the one for a show you are about to perform.
  • Open a Google Meet at least 30 mins before to make sure that you see "Join now" and set up a camera and sound connected to Google Meet.
  • We highly recommend you to stay logged-in Google with the same Google account that you use for Calendar on Attractr.
  • Safari doesn't allow another camera choices but only Facetime built-in camera. If you connect your smartphone or webcam, we highly recommend you to install and use Google Chrome. To install Google Chrome in your device, please visit this page.

Google Meet Setting

Google Meet default setting is pretty straightforward and basic. As a host of the show, we recommend the setting below. To change the setting, click the 3 dots icon on your Google Meet screen.

  • Layout: Use titled layout (max 49 participants).
  • Video: Choose High definition (720p) for Send resolution with a camera you are using
  • Audio: Make sure you choose the right Speakers or Mic you are using
Use an excuse to interact with audiences

Google Meet may suck. For instance, default Google Meet does't allow to accept all users automatically, meaning a host has to accept each audiences to enter the room, and doesn't give many control to a host such as muting all. But use it to interact with audiences in a unique and creative way. Simple action of pinning or muting can be an engaging or anticipating moment for them. Do you remember at the big tent or theater before a show starts that an artist give an instruction to turn off sound on mobile to all audiences in a very comic or engaging way? You can use the tactics through screen to entertain and engage with audiences.

  • Take a first 5-10 mins to let audiences in. While staying in front of your screen to accept audiences, interact with them giving an introduction to each or asking them what is their occasion to join your show.
  • Before starting a show, ask audiences to pin your screen and mute themselves so that they can only see and listen to you performance. To pin someone, they basically need to hover over your profile and click "Pin to screen" and click "turn off microphone" at the bottom bar. Check this video on how to pin and mute. If you want to make muting or unmuting easy and controlled, you can download Mute All on Meet app, or if you want to enrich a host control , download Google Meet Enhancement Suite.
  • If you are performing on the street or studio where another people are training, you can cancel background noise by installing apps like Krisp. See how to enable the app on Google Meet here.
  • When you finish your performing piece and want to hear cheering and applause from audiences, give a cue for hand clapping or ovation by asking them to unmute microphone.
  • You can give a simple 1.2.3 rules of how audiences can enjoy your show at the beginning of a show.


  • Google Chrome extensions are only available on Google Chrome.
Enhance the experience

Audiences are ready to go extra mile to make a better online experience. We now change a background image, buy a new camera and audio system, or install apps to send an emoji. Google Chrome has a variety of apps for Google Meet to give a notch to online experience. If you want to use these, make sure to send a personal note to each audience prior to the show requesting a certain preparation to enjoy your show 100%.

Some Google meet app ideas:

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