Getting started

Find your audiences on Attractr by offering a unique online live experience.
What is required to start on Attractr

Your live online entertainment can be anything that you want to create and perform for audiences. It could be a makeup workshop, behind the scene talk, street performance virtual tour in your town, cabaret show for only age 18+, clown juggling workshop for kids and more... pretty much anything you dream up can find a home on Attractr. Just keep your project focused and stand-out, and you’ll be good.

You need the followings to perform on Attractr:

  • Internet connection (recommendation: 50 Mbps)
  • Google account (personal or G Suite account)
  • In-built or external camera
  • Screen (laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet) to interact with audiences
  • Space to perform (it could be your home, street, studio or venue as long as you can connect to Google meet)
  • Attractr account (it's free)
  • Bank information to receive payouts (your booking sales)
  • Stand-out online live entertainment ideas

What you can do on Attractr

Looking for a way to share your passion and performance with the world? Attractr makes it easy and secure to earn money from that passion. By listing your online live project with Attractr you can reach new audiences looking for unique experiences they might not find otherwise in theater.

Here are some benefits of performing with Attractr:

  • Showcase your passion and performance by listing multiple online live projects
  • Meet and interact with new audiences around the world through Google meet
  • Earn money on your term and schedule
  • Be founded by new opportunities by attracting bookings
  • Expand your imagination and creativity by collaborating with fellow artists and creators.

Listen to your passion and get prepared

Now you know what Attractr requires you to start, it's time to define your plan. A group of drag queens in Portugal earned over $150,000 booking revenue from their online live experience called "Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens"  in one month on Airbnb Online Experience. We believe that you have everything, passion, skill, imagination and network, to be successful if you design a simple yet unique and engaging online live entertainment, and manage your calendar well.

Here are the steps to organize your plan before listing your online live entertainment on Attractr:

  1. Participate at least one online live experience as an audience to learn how the other artists are doing and also what audiences want.
  2. Define your goal. List up how much you want to make a month, what type of new casting opportunity you want to attract, and how you want to engage with and entertain audiences.
  3. Make a schedule. Let's say if you want to make $3,000 a month, and your per person price is $20, you have to sell 165 bookings a month. If you can attract 10 people per show, then you have to perform around 17 times a month. If you deliver two shows a day, then you need to perform 8 days a month. Organize your calendar and decide when and how often you perform so that you can make the most of your time and let your talent shine.
  4. Have a free coaching session with Attractr team to get coaching. You can book a session here.
  5. Test your ideas with your family and friends and get feedbacks.
Join our Facebook group

You are not alone! Our private Facebook group is designed for circus artists and collaborators who create online live projects and passionate about generating new opportunities with Attractr. Here, they and our team can co-coach, exchange project ideas, collaborate the creation process, discuss and learn video or audio set-up like a pro.  You will need to request to join the group. For artists and collaborators who contributes to our community will be invited by Attractr team to our Slack workspace (invite only) to have an access to new updates, brainstorm to optimize our marketplace, meet influential mentors in the fields of live entertainment.

Join our private Facebook group and connect with our community.

Programs to come

  • Weekly meet-up and webinar
  • mentorship and coaching
  • user-generated studio and venue information

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when performing online at home or anywhere you can perform

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