Design your online live entertainment

Let’s go over what turns a good online live experience into a great one.
What you can do to inspire and entertain audiences

With engaging activities, front-row seat experience and intimate group sizes, your online live entertainment is so much more than the passive, pre-recorded “entertainment” options currently out there. It's live and authentic with people in two-way.


  • Express your character makeup workshop
  • Behind-the-curtain drag queen talk show
  • Street performer's virtual city tour
  • Finger dance clown kids show
  • Beginner's class of (your expertise)
  • Live kamishibai, a form of Japanese street theater, with live performance
  • Quiz: what if my wife is a circus artist
  • Escape room
  • etc...


  • Backflip in my backyard

Think of ways to package and showcase your passion, skill and imagination while creating experiences that are fun for audiences to participate in. Here are some key elements to keep in mind:

  1. Make it eye-catching and pique audience's curiosity
  2. Package your concept, make it show flow with a couple engaging experiential components
  3. Plan for participation and interaction
  4. Bring personality, humor and expertise to the experience
Make your live online entertainment two-way interactive

People are already joining virtual meetups with coworkers, friends, and family, watching online streaming of archived shows or live concert of a headliner for free. They are ready to pay for an experience that is unique and interactive in a way they never had a chance in theater while supporting attracters. Attractr uses Google Meet, a two-way video conference app, to enable all artists not only to perform live but also have a chance to actively engage with the audiences who enjoy the experience in the front-row seat.

What people are looking for

People are craving for emotional connection.

  • Simple yet personalized experience to connect with artists
  • A meaningful and insightful moment to spark their curiosity
  • Experience that they can participate and interact with others
  • Entertainment that they can spend and share emotion with others in real time
  • Breathtaking and exciting performance in the front-row seat
  • Story that is intellectually and culturally stimulating

How to make it two-way interactive

The emotional connection of experience online versus offline is not the same. However, it doesn't mean one is better than the other. Take the advantages of delivering an experience live online in a way you couldn't on stage.

  • Don't leave guests just a spectator. Let them participate in the show.
  • Give them the front-row seat experience.
  • Converse and interact with them.
  • Have a few experience components that are engaging (i.e., quiz, storyteller and MC, Q&A, etc.)
  • Make a great introduction and let audiences introduce themselves.
  • Give a game-quality to your live entertainment (i.e., escape room, experiment, do it yourself, etc.)
How to design a stand-out online live experience

It's easy to say, but harder to materialize your idea into an online live project that can become a new sustainable source of revenue while growing your career and brand. Let's breakdown the design process to build your ideas.

01. Identify high-level concept 

In the first phase, you can clarify the following key parameters of your project:

  • Goal - what do you want to achieve (i.e., revenue-wise, professional purpose, creative.);
  • Reality - what can you do and want to do;
  • Wish - if you are a spectator, what kind of experience would you pay?

From there, come up with a few project ideas that you can offer as a starter. 

Remember, you can create multiple online live projects as long as you can manage your calendar. For instance, you can create a cabaret-style live performance show ten slots a month, while offering fun activity or class project twice a week. Also, you can add new or edit projects anytime you want. 

02. Define a theme and target audience

There are many free online contents out there. It is essential to differentiate from them and turn the base idea into a great experience that audiences are ready to pay. The value of the project can be defined and presented by aligning it to the audience's needs, and that is a "Theme." Define who are your target audience and select a primary theme of your project not only to hook users when they are searching on Attractr but also to align your project to the audience's cultural and entertainment needs.

03. Ideate the experience

Once you define a primary theme for your experience, now it's time to build an experience format, adding contents into the theme, by planning the following two aspects:

Your performances: You will be leading audiences during your experience from intro to the closing. Define a storyline, build a frame of your experience by selecting experiential components, and ideate your performances and acts.

What audiences will do: How will they participate in your project? And what should they bring and prepare before the show starts?

04. Design storyboard

Let's assemble each component and create a show flow, a kind of bible of your project. You do not need to have a second-to-second timesheet for a show caller. Even you are performing online experience by yourself, it's vital that you know what you are going to do next and how you lead the audiences. So make sure you decide the order of experiential components and approximate timing and duration per element. Additionally, if you set any features such as audio, camera angle changes, prop or costume or interactive background to vivify the moment, make sure you include technical and artistic attributes in the show flow. 

05. Rehearsal and flesh out

Before listing your projects on Attractr, do a few tests to get feedback. Join our community and book a rehearsal date with attracters who can comment and help you turn a good experience into a great one.

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