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Make your projects stand out while making sure that your project meets the audience's expectations.
First things first, invite your friends and families

Even though you have tested your performance via screen, it's different dynamic to have real audiences who paid for your project in front of you. So when your online live project is listed and ready to attract booking, invite your friends and families, closed networks of yours, to book it. Have their real-time feedback at the end, request their rating and review, and ask them to support your project by spreading the word, inviting their friends to your project.

Why ratings and reviews matter?

Having best-in-class user-generated ratings and reviews content is more important than ever. It’s become an expected and influential part of the purchase journey. For instance, PowerReviews research finds that 95% of shoppers consult ratings and reviews while they’re shopping. And 86% consider reviews an essential resource when making a purchase decision. Ratings and reviews rank high among the top factors impacting purchasing decisions, coming in at #2, just behind price.

Additionally, Attractr's landing page showcases projects that are highly rated and reviews as "Featured online live projects". We suggest you to have a wrap-up section 5-10 mins before the closing of your online live project. In this section, you can have Q&A with audiences, and at the very end, kindly remind the audiences to leave rating and reviews on your project page, and promote your project their friends.

None of it doesn't matter if the project is not good

You can get your friends to share. But only the strength of the project can get their friends to share. Why will people share and support your project? People share things when they feel emotion. What emotion will your audiences feel? Some emotions spread better than others. Emotions that spread: awe, excitement, amusement, anger, anxiety. Emotions that don’t: contentment, sadness.

We feel emotion when there is a story that enriches our senses. In order to arrange the best context for your project to drive emotion, tell your story. Who you are, why you do what you do, what your journey was and what your dream is. Deliver a message that stick to your audiences. Make them want to meet you.

Simple yet basic things you can follow

A simple formula of how to attract bookings is the combination of the following: "good experience + viral title + nice pictures + price" . Here are a couple more tips you can follow:

  1. Build a complete listing, fill in all the relevant description, clear itinerary of your project, and what kind of experience the audiences will participate, and be honest, you will probably hurt your future reviews if you lie. 
  2. Upload excellent and appropriate pictures of the online live project. Let the audiences know how it looks. Take a good quality picture when you test your online live project. The first picture you upload will become a thumbnail picture on the Listing page. 
  3. Have a competitive and descriptive title - keep in mind that they show up on google search results, so you might get hits from there. Drop a few keywords of your live project that differentiate from the others. 
  4. Fill in your profile, have your profile picture, and write a story about yourself and a list of shows you've participated.
  5. Have a competitive price for the target audiences of your live project. Generally speaking, if your online live project is designed for a specific audience type such as "master class," increase the price point. If it is for family and anyone's recreational and cultural experience, make the price competitive. The minimum price per booking starts at 10 CAD.
  6. If you want to create and manage multiple projects, make sure you offer pricing variety. One can be designed and available for anyone starting with lower prices; the other is only for fellow pro artists at a higher price. This way, you can build your reviews from a wide range of audiences.
  7. You need to accept a booking request to confirm the payment by audience within two days. After two days without accepting the request, it will be expired automatically. Go to Inbox > Project bookings to accept booking as soon as possible.
  8. Decide which language you are going to deliver the live project. We do not suggest to write your project page both in English and French in one listing page. Write it in each language respectively instead, having a different calendar availability. 
  9. Choose a theme that fits into your live project. Audiences will search for available projects using a search filter like theme.
  10. Be a great and unique host! The quality and value of your live project matter to boost your visibility. Attractr works with ratings and reviews; the more 5 star ratings you get, the more Attractr search algorithm will like you. Ask your audiences to leave ratings and reviews at the end of your online live project. 
  11. Ask your friends and families to book your project first, and to leave a review and rating. Ask for honest feedback to make your project optimize and spread the word of your project experience for you in a close circle of your networks.
  12. Don't cancel confirmed reservations, or don't miss your bookings. Make sure your calendar is always up to date and managed. 
  13. Reply messages as swiftly as possible. Be in touch with your audiences. If you are not good at managing your calendar, then ask someone close to you to support on the administrative side of your projects. 
  14. Be active on the Facebook group. We are all in this together. 
  15. Modify your listing pages while you are fleshing out your live project by actually doing it. Upload better pictures, precise about your project itinerary, pricing, et al.
  16. Promote your listing through your social network pages such as Instagram, or Facebook.
  17. Revisit your past audiences to promote new live projects.

Google "how to create a viral experience", you will find many great case studies and tips.

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