We empower circus artists

It's our mission to challenge and reinvent a platform for circus artists that ignites new opportunities and embraces our culture as community.

Our mission

Create a new ecosystem that empowers circus artists.

During this uncertain time, we are pleased to have artists to inspire us. We need them more than ever. But are we taking them for granted? The audience has been streaming content more than ever in the last few months for free. Most artists are not getting paid. It is even more challenging for circus artists since their brand is, most of the time, amalgamate within a show. It's time to reinvent the ecosystem to empower the circus artists’ brand and facilitate more opportunities for them.

Our purpose

"online entertainment” that puts circus artists the center of the experience

Streaming stage productions online has been explored. Free contents are available on YouTube or on-demand platform. However, none provide a sense of emotional connection between artists and audiences. Most of all, none allow the circus artists to be compensated. This online marketplace will provide a virtual stage for circus artists to perform in an intimate setting via video call, connecting with their audience and allowing them and their community to thrive.

Even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of the entertainment and theater production industry will never be the same. Many have already been forced to react and respond to the ever-changing market needs. This is where the opportunity lies. It’s time to take a step back and collectively rethink the business model. This platform can become a forum for artists, creators, and audiences to debate and vet new formats for performing arts, aligning offer and demand.

Our vision

Planting the seeds for a new era

Two out of three circus artists consider career transition. They not only need financial help, they also need to feel relevant and to stay in touch with their audiences and fellow circus artists and creators. With this platform, not only could they continue to share their talent, they could also mentor and coach a new generation of emerging circus artists and creators, a potential source of additional revenue. Those who will adapt will not only survive but come out of this stronger. This platform is the place where circus artists and creators can build a strong and thriving community to collectively address the current and future challenges.


The world of circus artists are at stakes
  • The current context is unbearable for performing artists. Their livelihood and their career are at risk
  • Consumers can stream previously recorded shows and some artists are streaming live performances however most of them are not getting compensated
  • There is no online platform specifically designed for circus artists that can allow them to make a living as they would performing live on stage
  • Most of all, we don’t know how long the current situation will last. Will this be the newnormal? Are we witnessing the end of in-person live performances? How can we protect our artists and their creative ecosystem?

Our approach

Dream big, stay grounded. We do people business.

See our Roadmap
  1. Start with a minimum viable product
  2. Launch and learn
  3. Challenge our imagination not to limit what we can do
  4. Collaborate with creators of the circus culture in Quebec
  5. Optimize and grow the essentials for circus artists
  6. Build a community driven platform
  7. Upgrade solutions for circus artists to keep shining

Our team

Serge Labelle
Chief people officer
Yuko Nakamura
Project Manager
Denis Labelle
Chief Curator

Letter from Serge

Attractr is the original idea of Serge Labelle, a former Olympic coach, and director at Cirque du Soleil. He has always been passionate about talents and how to create the best context for them to shine.

Read Serge's letter